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Siberian cat... what is it?
What is it in imagination of people and how does the thoroughbred Siberian look?..
Siberian cat Gagarin Sibaris
Siberian cat, age 3 years

What it in representation of people and how the thoroughbred Siberian looks?. Proud and independent, portly and beautiful, powerful and graceful, hardy and unpretentious, fast in a jump, with smooth calm movements, with a magnificent dense wool and wild appearance, wise and counterbalanced, sensitive and tender … It is all about it, about our favourite Siberian cat.

Siberians as a breed were an embodiment of those cats which throughout many last decades and centuries were observed around by the inhabitants of the Far East, Siberia, Central Asia, and of some central areas of Russia …; of those cats who were faithful immigrants’ companions, their friends and... assistants.
How often the owners of thoroughbred Siberians should hear: "Oh, I had the same cat in the childhood", "The same cat lives in our courtyard"...

Siberian cat Zaimka Beretta and girl
Girl 9 years old and the young Siberian cat (age 7 months)

On the one hand it pleases, for these statements are conclusive proofs of a natural origin of the breed... Still, we advise you attentively to look closely at thoroughbred animals to understand: so what is the difference between the real Siberian cat and that one which "lives in a courtyard"?
For the best understanding of these distinctions, you can compare the titled Siberians presented in our photo gallery and a cat from the next courtyard...

Already more than twenty years selectors-romanticists and admirers of breed are engaged in the breeding work directed on fastening the better qualities of Siberian cats and its pedigree type. As a result, a number of known catteries created pedigree lines that give stably qualitative posterity. But breeders go further, aspiring to an ideal. And ahead are new old «muzzles of the face», which are recognizable, but even more beautiful.

Phenotypic Siberian cat Nura, Belgorod region.
Phenotypic Siberian cat Nura, Belgorod region.

Certainly, considering the features of formation of the Siberian breed, and the fact that it was based on natural population, we can meet still «a cat who walks in itself», a bit similar to the Siberian … Only a bit similar. To find a he-cat or a she-cat with qualities of the excellent Siberian, without impurity of other breeds, it is extremely improbable … extremely. But nevertheless it is probable! And if you have met such miracle in territory of the CIS - do not hide it!!! It is rare good luck!!!

The Siberian cat quite fairly is considered a breed of a natural origin. It has no "artificial impurity", it has not lost natural instincts. Siberians, unlike representatives of other cat's breeds, casually having lost themselves, are able to survive and find the way home. As natural breeds should be, the Siberians are excellent hunters!!! Butterflies, bugs, grasshoppers … mice!!! – be cautious! Siberians are very clever, inquisitive, playful, sensitively catch the mood of owners, love children and perfectly get along well with other pets.

If you love animals, respect all genuine and natural... if you need a friend who understands you, which will calm and will support you in your hour of need, which will feel your pleasure and will deliver you many positive emotions, then the Siberian is your Cat!